Vita  Brejner's  artwork will be shown in May 2007 at Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York  
  530 West 25th street, Chelsea, New York.   

'In Pursuit of Abstraction'

  Presenting the artist: Vita Brejner
  • Exhibition Dates: May 4, - May 24, 2007
  • Reception: Thursday, May 10, 2007, 6-8pm
  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm
  • Location 530 West 25th Street - Chelsea, New York City.
  Press release, by Agora Gallery, New York
  Vita Brejnerís paintings break all the rules. With its raw yet detailed use of organic shapes, Brejnerís work picks up the expressionist tradition championed by DeKooning. Brejnerís twist is a jazzy, personal landscape that does not shy away from the suggestions of psychological trauma.

Brejner relies on unpredictability, and her unique muse dances with the energy of improvisation. "The brush and paint lead the way," she insists, and the result is an abstract primitivism, complete with totemic faces and half-seen tableaus emerging from backgrounds that vary between sinister and euphoric.

Brejner says her paintings each hide a story, and her personal archaeology of the process uses the tools of emotional extremes and a liberty with color scheme. "I have to find that particular story," Brejner says. Thick outlines and boundary-free shapes melt and collide, and despite, or perhaps because of, her embrace of a free-associative work process, the stories Brejner discovers in her paintings are viscerally defiant of category. She becomes not only the creator, but the first viewer of her art as well, offering the first interpretation. Vita Brejnerís wild inspiration is also fueled by the beauty and visual drama of Copenhagen, Denmark, where she lives and works.