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Romance and evolution, Vita Brejner




"Romance and Evolution"


I think your work is strong enough to be included in a solo exhibition and
that it would have great potential here in London.


We are very interested in talking with you.














"Purple P."



I am particularly excited and interested in your work "Purple P."

and I believe it would be....                           NY Arts Magazine






















"Vivid  Vomb"


Publisher and owner of "The Broadway Gallery" in New York City og Beijing "Artspace" in China writes:

I am interested in your work "Livlig LivMor" and I believe it would be an important.... (PDF) :

- your passionate colors that flow beautifully ...









Artists Vol II 2012













About Peace of Dove, Chelsea, New York wrote: 

"- for the unexpected and exciting experiences thatlieahead ..."






















Expression makes impression



Artists Vol II 2011




























 "Anything but one-eyed"










Artists Vol I  2010



























 "What The Eyes See"






















"Agora Gallery viser"


''In pursuit of abstraction''    


''Agora Gallery anmelder Billedkunstner Vita Brejners kunst''  








"Vita Brejners malerier bryder alle regler"              





















"The hidden past - A cry for freedom"









''Det øjet ser''




''Kunstner holder forårsudstilling''





''Maler udstiller i New York''








''Lokal kunstner udstiller i USA''




"Lokal billedkunstner udstiller i New York"












"Levende billeder"