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The Experience of living paintings!



Vita Brejner, painter,


A few words about myself, my art form, my enthusiasm and  appreciation of art:


My passion for writing and painting is longstanding.

My desire to write brought me to the Danish  Writing School in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I improved my writing skills.


Shortly after, I got an urge to express my   

thoughts and feelings with paint on raw canvas-


My paintings are expressionistic and colouristic. I like the idea of ignoring all rules about distance, accuracy and colour scheme.


The topic of all my paintings is ‘What the eyes see’.

The interpretation of my paintings depends on who you are and what your eyes ‘see’.


Figurative pictorial art is also a great passion of mine.

The result is unpredictable and therefore exciting.


My paintings hide a story. Before a painting can come to life, I have to find that particular story. In the beginning I never know what the outcome will be, never deciding advance. The brush and paint lead the way. When the structure appears, I try to ‘take it in’ and get closer to the exact story I want to tell.


The outcome – the finished painting – is my great joy and reward.


Best Regards

Vita Brejner